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September 15, 2009
     · Search by Email Address:  Lyrek Advanced Contact Search now provides suggestive results for email addresses, including: Company, Home, Local/Hotel, Other and Assistant! Simply start typing an email address and Lyrek scours your database as you type!

March 5, 2009
     · Auto-Seating in Musikal Chairs Musikal Chairs now has an "Auto-Seat" feature which enables color-coded auto-seating for Invitees! Here's how it works. Color-code event invitees individually, by selecting multiple, or select a color code contact group and change all at the same time. Then, in Musikal Chairs, after pre-seating is complete, click the "Auto-Seat" button and Musikal Chairs will automatically seat all remaining invitees into seats coded with their colors! We believe this functionality will save our clients hours of labor in preparing for events.
     · Lyrek - Email Section and Row Only In the past, all seating assignment emails required clients to send Sections/Rows/Seats for invitees and guests. While this was satisfactory for larger PR companies, smaller firms wanted the ability to send only Section and Row. Now Lyrek lets you select the format of seating information that is sent. If you select Section and Row Only, an asterisk (*) replaces the seat information with the following text below the seating assignment table.

January 7, 2009
     · Introducing Lyrek Phone:  Happy New Year! As a thank you to our clients, we're now offering free phone calls directly from your installation of Lyrek CEMS using our latest feature, Lyrek Phone. Call your contacts' company general telephone, company direct telephone and mobile/cell numbers at the click of a mouse all for FREE! View the Forums Article.

December 31, 2008
     · Lyrek Server Migration:  All Lyrek users have been migrated to a faster, more robust server with a separate server to manage database queries. The resulting infrastructure should more than double speeds during high traffic times to perform even the most advanced queries in milliseconds.

December 1, 2008
     · Add to Calendar:  Lyrek users and Invitation Email recipients will now see "Add to Calendar" buttons to enable them to add event information to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express and iCal on Mac computers. This feature has been added to the RSVP Confirmation page and Event View pages.

October 27, 2008
     · Avery 5160 Address Label Sorting:  Users may now decide the sort order for printing 5160 address labels. When working in an event, click a column under Event Participants or Seating Information to view the contacts. Then change the sorting order of the contacts by clicking on the Ascending or Descending triangle next to "Name" or "Company". Then run the Print Wizard as you normally would to print 5160 Avery Labels. If you sort by Name, the labels will be sorted/printed alphabetically by Name. If you sort by Company, the labels will be sorted/printed alphabetically by Company. View the Forums Article.

October 27, 2008
     · Control/Command Click Drag:  With the new release of Musikal Chairs, updated on all client accounts and free demo accounts, users can now more easily browse around venues when you're creating/editing them and seating attendees/standers. Simply hold down the Control (CTRL) key on a PC or Command Key on a Mac, click down on the venue and drag your mouse. This will slide the venue around the page for you to see more sections, rows and seats. View the Forums Article.

August 6, 2008
     · Musikal Chairs v1.01 Released:  A number of exciting features have been added to Musikal Chairs, including: multi-seat attendees, seat by RSVP Status (Yes, Yes/Unconfirmed, All), View Close-up to see Contact Name, Company and Title while seating, Print Contacts and Companies on all Venues and Sections and a whole lot more! View the Forums Article.

June 10, 2008
     · Contact Information Update Request Mailing:  Send mailings to contact groups or your ENTIRE DATABASE to request they update their country, home, local/hotel and other addresses, as well as select an active address. View the Forums Article.

June 10, 2008
     · Country Lists Management:  Quickly and easily manage and merge all country names in your contacts' company, home, local/hotel and other addresses to perform more comprehensive searches and help with label bar coding. View the Forums Article.

June 01, 2008
     · Musikal Chairs Whitepaper: The new Musikal Chairs Whitepaper has been added to the site and is available from the Downloads section. Or, download it here.

May 20, 2008
     · Contacts and Events Averyฎ 5160 (Address Label) Bar coding: Option for adding bar codes to Contact Search Results Print Wizard and Events Invitees/Seating List Print Wizard Avery 5160 (Address) Labels. USPS Discount Information.

May 1, 2008
     · Muskial Chairs Free Trial: All new subscribers to Lyrek CEMS receive Musikal Chairs for 6-months, free-of-charge! Contact us for a demo or submit a support ticket through your existing Lyrek account to inquire further.

March 15, 2008
     · Muskial Chairs v1.0 in Beta:  Lyrek now offers the power of Musikal Chairs for venue creation, drag-n-drop, color-coded seating and advanced venue, section, seating card and attendee list report creation.

January 29, 2008
     · New Forum Article: Mailings Tutorial.

January 22, 2008
     · New Forum Article: Custom Database Fields and Import Types.

January 14, 2008  —  Version 3.1.3, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Contact Group Add/Removal Logging:  Lyrek now logs when Contacts are added to or removed from Contact Groups.

August 24, 2007   —  Version 3.1.2, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Merge Contacts - Set Active Address:  When merging duplicate contacts, users may now select an active address (Company, Local/Hotel, Home, Other)
     · Search by Contact Group:  Users can now limit Event Contacts View and Event Contacts Seating lists by Contact Group.
     · Merge Contacts - Create Local/Hotel:  Users may now create a new Local/Hotel address when merging duplicate contacts.
     · Search Duplicate Companies:  Users can now search for duplicate companies from the Contact Advanced Search page.
     · Search Duplicate Locals/Hotels:  Users can now search for duplicate locals/hotels from the Contact Advanced Search page.

August 18, 2007   —  Version 3.1.1, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Media Type / Department Condense:  Lyrek now automatically strips duplicate Media Types (Classifications) and Departments and re-assigns Null data to "None" prior to Import, Import Overwrite Contacts and AJAX Import system. More Info...
     · Lists Management:  Administrators may now merge or rename Media Types (Classifications) and Departments with the new Lists Management Tool
     · Import Overwrite Contacts Updates:  Imported Contacts with blank columns now overwrite existing data to prevent address conflation

August 1, 2007   —  Version 3.1, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Lyrek Supervised Import:  Users may now supervise import of contacts to discern overwrite, delete, add, and pending options through a breakthrough AJAX Import system. The new import system is configured to work with the Lyrek Enhanced User Logging
     · Update Information (RSVP Confirmation):  Event Invitees may now update all four (4) addresses in the systme when they receive an event invitation, and select which address is to be active. General Company and Local/Hotel Information is uneditable
     · Rename Contact Groups:  Lyrek now enables users to rename contact groups, in addition to previous duplicate, merge and delete functions. All renamed contact groups are logged

January 27, 2007   —  Version 3.0.29, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Faster Server:  Lyrek has been migrated to a faster server with 2x1GB DDR2 533 FB DIMM + 2x146GB SAS Drives and SAS RAID
     · Expanded User Logging:  Lyrek now logs users' edits to contact pages, updates to auto-activate functionality and deletion of orphan companies and local/hotels
     · New Contact Logging:  Lyrek now logs individual contact RSVP confirmations and time-stamps their actions and response
     · Orphan Local/Hotels and Magazines:  Orphan Companies functionality has been expanded to encompass local/hotels and magazines

December 15, 2006   —  Version 3.0.28, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Required Field Preferences:  Administrators may add to the default fields required for imports (Default:  Contact First Name, Contact Last Name) to ensure batch and manual imports contain data for required fields
     · Required Fields on Import Types:  All import types now require the above fields, established by Administrators in the preferences section
     · Required Fields on Manual Contact Add:  Lyrek will not let users save manually added contacts unless they contain data for the pre-established Required Fields. Users will be prompted to enter data for required fields upon editing contacts that were created before the required fields were established
     · Required Fields on Batch Import:  Lyrek will not allow users to import batch contacts with missing data in required fields. Import will be successful for records containing valid data. Records failing the required data check are saved to a CSV for users to edit and re-import

October 4, 2006   —  Version 3.0.27, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Contact Search - Lyrek Suggest:  Based on Google Suggest technology, Lyrek searches the database for partial keywords of First Name, Last Name and Company to quickly find results
     · Add Contact - Lyrek Suggest:  Lyrek searches contact databases realtime while users manually enter contact information to avoid duplicate contacts
     · Country Search:  Options to select a country from the Lyrek advanced contact search drop-down to better refine search results

August 23, 2006   —  Version 3.0.26, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Auto-Activate Addresses:  New database maintenance tool combs through existing records and compares each contact's active address against existing data. If contacts don't have companies assigned, autoactivate assigns home, local/hotel or other addresses as active, whichever is the first non-blank address information presented. If no active address is assigned, company is first scanned to find address information, then the other address types, in order, and active is set to the first non-blank address type presented

August 09, 2006   —  Version 3.0.25, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Company Keyword Search:  Users can now search for companies that "begin with" or "include" keywords
     · Local/Hotel Keyword Search:  Users can now search for local/hotels that "begin with" or "include" keywords
     · Overwrite Import Permissions:  Updated permissions to Contact Import so that only Administrators have the option to overwrite existing companies/contacts (bypass Duplicate Management)

July 13, 2006   —  Version 3.0.24, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Potential Duplicate Search:  Administrators can now sweep the database for potential duplicates in the System Maintenance section
     · Merge Duplicates:  Find Duplicates functionality equipped with multi-merge option, to quickly merge multiple pending contacts with their duplicates within the system
     · Local Email Address:  Database contacts now have a Local Email Address to assist in mail routing for follow-ups close to event time
     · Assistant Email Address:  Assistant Email Address added to database and automatically carbon-copied (cc'd) on all correspondence with contacts

April 22, 2006   —  Version 3.0.23, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Overwrite Contacts:  Administrators now have the option to bypass the duplicate manager when importing data. Upon activation, all potential duplicate contacts will automatically be overwritten
     · Overwrite Companies:  Administrators now have the option to bypass the duplicate manager when importing data. Upon activation, all potential duplicate companies will automatically be overwritten
     · Active Address Import:  Administrators may auto-select the order of addresses to be set as the Active Address upon importing new data

January 30, 2006   —  Version 3.0.22, Software Version 3.0.9
     · Advanced Event Print Options:  Users may now select from a variety of options to print labels for events:  printed, not printed, all, status "yes" and all status changes
     · Custom Email Addresses:  Users may now enter custom email addresses (or keep default:  "mailer@") for event follow-ups and mass-mailings
     · Follow-up Event Details:  Users may now select if they want the Event Details visible for follow-up emails (default:  visible)

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